12 Funny Lessons Learned in High School

High shool is the main place where we learn things during our teens. I don’t mean math or Spanish, I mean life lessons, those that mould us and eventually contribute (for better or worse) to who we are now as grown-ups. We all remember how tough those years were, even if you were a nice kid who did what your parents told you, adolescence is a rude awakening.

A teenager is basically a smelly, shapeless, undefined draft copy of an adult human but not quite it. It walks, it talks, it craps, but it lacks reason, the world is unknown to them so there’ll be a lot of stumbling and falling. Later you get used to it, and then at some point it just grows old, but when you are a teenager everything is like THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. Your heart runs wild with every new experience, every new emotion, you begin your journey of –disgusting- self-discovery, and hormones take over the Earth. And all of this is exactly the reason why we do so much stupid sh*t in our teens.

This stupid stuff we do when we’re younger often turns out as very valuable life lessons, and very funny ones, too. Even though at the time of the facts all that teenage angst may not allow us to see the irony of it all, as soon as a few years go by everything gains quite a new perspective. In the light of young-adulthood, all the silly mistakes from our teens begin to metamorphose into useful bits of information that we can se to build functional grown-up lives. Don’t be embarrassed by your own normal adolescent behavior, instead be proud of all those Funny Lessons Learned in High School; they made you who you are today!


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