12 Questions to Ask Someone to See if They are Lying

Have you ever had the sneaky feeling that someone was shamelessly lying to your face? Of course you have; we all have. It is a terribly awkward situation, not only does it make you angry, it also awakens a need to know the truth. We humans are curious animals, and we don’t like to feel in the dark about things -especially if they might involve us- nor do we tolerate being left out. This is why I bring you the 12 best questions to ask someone to see if they are lying!
In order to fashion this article, I’ll first divide the task of finding out the truth into phases that’ll set the tone of the questions and the approximate number of those required. I found that categorizing the questions makes the process of explaining this easier. Once this is done, I will present you with a super-sassy hypothetical situation that will be followed through with 12 corresponding questions to ask someone to see if they are lying, their possible answers, and what to look out for, as you move further down the article. It is not an easy task to make up so many discussion questions about lying since it requires to fashion a whole lying situation out of nothing; I’ll do my best.


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