13 Countries With the Least Access to Clean Water

Clean water is a necessity that is unfortunately not available to the entire global population, which is why it has become something of a luxury for quite a few African countries, that are too impecunious to be able to build a respectable water system for their citizens. The fact of the matter is that such countries also have extremely high infant mortality rates. This makes it pretty clear that both these issues are somewhat connected: unsafe water is injurious to the health of mothers and children alike.

So what exactly can we do for the plight of these people? Well, as with any problem, the first step is to raise awareness, which you can do by following this link and gaining a little knowledge: 13 countries with the least access to clean water. This piece details the issues facing these countries, out of which ten nations are from Africa. Surprisingly, the country on number 1 isn’t African, which just goes to show that the dilemma isn’t one that is confined to the borders of Africa, but something that should be a matter of concern all over the world.


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