14 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice

Take a look outside. Is it raining? Is it cold? Wouldn’t it be nicer to just stay in bed? No problem! Just call your boss and tell him or her one of 14 good excuses to miss work on short notice!

We’ve all got one of those days or Mondays when we feel we’d be much more productive the next day. Sometimes the weekend just wasn’t long enough. Other times a relative is coming over for a visit. And sometimes we wish to have more than one day off. Perhaps a week or two. You’ll see all this is possible when you find the solutions on Insider Monkey’s list.

The list is extensive and practical. They took care that you needn’t memorize perfectly what you said the previous day, i.e. you don’t have to end up explaining yourself thoroughly or pretend you’re sad or ill the next day. This article offers you a list of little white lies that are incredibly easy to sustain. The next criteria they used was the immediateness of it working. Short notice means you can finish your job (basically, not getting to it) in one phone call. Therefore, you should read this list just in case you are ready should an opportunity arise to seize the day properly.

There will be plenty of good excuses to miss work due to you being sick. They took great care that the illnesses you’re mentioning are untraceable or not requiring a doctor’s notice. Some of them are perfect for couples, while others are fail-proof for families. All in all, there’s something for everyone!

So, do you still feel like not going to work? Instead of getting up, why don’t you scroll down the 14 good excuses to miss work on short notice and obey the tips? Next, call your boss and enjoy your day off!



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