15 Best Cigarettes in the World

If you’re a smoker with a taste for fine cigarettes, Insider Monkey’s giving you  15 best cigarettes in the world!

What we especially liked about this article is the fact that they’re not here to judge. Smokers are having a tough time already with everybody condemning them for their innocent, sinful activity. In today’s world, hardly is anything so forbidden and warned about on every step as smoking, and hardly is a man so persistent in it. Nowadays you can’t even see a cigarette on screen. Movies and series are conveniently pretending that their lead heroes don’t smoke. As for villains, that’s another story, but even they are depicted as non-smokers so as not to associate appealing dangerous looks with smoking. What is more, every pack of cigarettes is neatly decorated. By that we mean there is a warning on it informing us about potential consequences of smoking. They’re usually small, but eye-catching messages, or even worse – the images. Be that as it may, smokers are one persistent bunch, and fighting for their rights. The right to smoke, if they wish. The right to enjoy the very best cigarettes.

Finding the best of the best was no mean feat, and the cigarettes listed have great recommendations from several sources. You’ll find some fun facts about each cigarette brand, such as when it was first introduced to the market, or what was added to make the tobacco blend perfect. Also, there are links for the healthiest cigarettes if the propaganda is making you feel a bit guilty and pressured.

So, now would be a good time to light one, wouldn’t it? After all, it’s too hard to read about all these exquisite cigarettes without having one, right? Have a smoke and enjoy reading about 15 best cigarettes in the world!


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