15 Best Karaoke Songs for People Who Can’t Sing

The list of 15 best karaoke songs for people who can’t sing will make sure you never miss the opportunity to grab a mike and sing (and not make a complete fool out of yourself in the process).

A party isn’t a party if you don’t spice it up a little bit. And what better way to do it than call your squad to go out to a karaoke bar? Fun guaranteed. After a few drinks, you’ll be laughing at the others, laugh with the others, or even be amazed by someone’s vocal skills. If you’re a bit shy, or just don’t want to end up being a laughing stock, here are songs that can make you sound good. For most of them you will be rapping or talking more than you’ll actually be singingWhatever your singing (dis)abilities are, we’ll make your crowd ask for more.

Therefore, if you have a karaoke party coming, you can finally relax and let go of all those lame excuses for missing out. Take a look at Insider Monkey’s 15 best karaoke songs for people who can’t singand sing at the top of your lungs (you can play the songs while you’re reading the article)!


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