15 Best Places to Travel in April in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations

When spring finally arrives, we all feel relieved somehow as if a heavy burden was finally taken off our backs. The harsh weather is finally gone and now we can enjoy those fresh spring walks or even plan a trip somewhere. While it’s not hot per se, April does bring a pleasant weather that allows you to explore new cities. If we are talking about Europe, then definitely it’s not hot but although spring may be the best time to visit this continent. But there are so many other warm places you can go to if you are up for a beach vacation. Although many great destinations experience a high almost unbearable level of humidity during April, there are plenty of other choices, so don’t worry.

Looking for my next vacation destination, I found this article that addresses my particular problem: where to go in April? It contains an abundance of suggestions so all you have to do really is just pick one you like the best. If you are thinking of a spring holiday too then check out these 15 Best Places to Travel in April in Europe, Asia, and Tropical Destinations.



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