15 Biggest, Deadliest, Most Devastating Hurricanes to Hit the United States

How many do you remember? The whole world stared in disbelief when these happened. We’re talking about 15 biggest, deadliest, most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States.

What are hurricanes? They’re nothing else but big tropical storms that have gone wrong. Terribly wrong. The most terrifying thing is that there is nothing much to be done about it. Scientists know everything about their inception. They’re usually formed around the coasts of Africa. By the time they reach America, they either gain on strength, or they disappear completely. The first option is the scariest. On the bright side, sometimes a hurricane loses strength, and it turns into a storm on its landfall. Actually, it doesn’t have to be as good as it sounds. For instance, the name Sandy doesn’t bring associations to Sandy from the Grease. Rather it makes everyone shiver at the thought of hurricane Sandy, or a tropical storm, to be more precise. Hurricane Sandy was “only” a category three hurricane before it hit the States, but it downsized to a tropical storm on landfall. The storm destroyed or damaged around 650,000 homes and caused death to 159 people.

Th article will give you a list of hurricanes with the highest wind speed, the most destructive and horrible ones. You can’t put a price on human life, but you can read the figures. There is also information on people evacuated (and one evacuation that was perhaps worse than the hurricane), and homes destroyed. Even though nowadays we name hurricanes, there’s also place for an oldie in the list. To summarize, there’s the damage cost and death toll for every hurricane, along with the place of its unfortunate landfall.

Once you start reading about it, you can’t help but wonder how Americans ever get over 15 biggest, deadliest, most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States.



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