15 Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English

Studying abroad is a great decision in students’ lives. Apart from having to accommodate to the new environment, they also have to learn new languages as well. That is why being able to study in English (as one of the most world widely spoken language) makes things much easier.

First, of course there is a choice of study field. Then, there is the choice of a good, highly ranked university. And last, but probably the most important issue is the financing. Even though there are many foundations and organisations that offer international student scholarships and mobility options, cost of living in a foreign country is still a big matter. This time we will see what is the situation with the medical studies.

This time we are focusing on medical studies. For that matter we can recommend you to go through the 15 Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English. There you will get some answers on questions such as:

And what about the very best country to study medicine in the world? Well, it is not an easy question to answer, since there are many fields you can consider specializing in (though we will not go into detail here, we will look for medical education in general), but general rating that Top Universities suggest is the USA with Harvard University at the top. On the other side, the best country to study medicine in Europe would probably be the UK with the universities that rank the highest in medicine, such as Oxford or Cambridge. But these are also countries that are not so cheap for a living, especially if you are only a student.

So, if your primary concern is cost of living in a certain country, you might get a fairly insight in those 15 cheapest countries to live while studying medicine in English.


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