15 Cities with the Cleanest Tap Water in the US in 2017


Tap water can contain many substances that are harmful for human health. Many of those can cause serious health issues including all kinds of cancers as well. Some of those harmful contaminants include: aluminum, lead, chloroform, chromium, dibromochloromethane, chlorate etc. just to name some. Some of these contaminants come from the water purifying process, while others come from the taps themselves.

Issue of tap water is a serious thing all over the world, and therefore in the US as well. Paradoxically, tap water in the US is much polluted but this country s nevertheless among countries with the cleanest tap water in the world, as you can see:

Even though the US is among the 21 Countries with the Best Tasting Tap Water in the World, there are still many places where municipal water is polluted and very bad for human health. Looking at the state level, some of the worst tap water in the US come from Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia. But state status does not reflect the subject of our issue now, and that is concerning cities with the cleanest tap water in the US in 2017. For example, there is City of San Diego (CA) with the contaminants detected above health guidelines count 9, and then there is probably the best tap water in California coming from San Francisco (with only 3 contaminants that are above health guidelines).

Besides San Francisco, which other US cities have the cleanest tap water? In order to find out, check out Insider Monkey’s article on that issue: 15 Cities with the Cleanest Tap Water in the US in 2017.

Even when lot of states and cities provide their residents with good drinking tap water, many people still have the habit of buying bottled water, which has more than once proved to be of less quality than normal tap water.


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