15 Cities with the Highest Domestic Violence Rates in the US

It’s no good hiding the ugly truth. America is a grand and powerful country, but it has issues as well. Here are 15 cities with the highest domestic violence rates in the US.

Domestic violence is one of the worst and most disturbing experiences a person can have, particularly due to the “domestic” attribute. A family is supposed to make you feel safe and protected, not the other way around. Secondly, while one would never put up with such behavior and abuse if it came from a friend, it is a completely different story when it comes to a family member. A parent or a partner is someone you have a strong emotional bond with, and it is hard to break, no matter how simple and straightforward it may seem. To a neutral observer, everything seems obvious, and the warning signs are more than transparent. But a victim’s vision is usually blurred by strong emotions coming from mutual past.

Normally when you try to read a little more on this topic, your search comes down to the number of women in homicides per states, but Insider Monkey has a different and more recent research. Also, you will find out some shocking facts about the current situation on the national level, such as the percentage of single mothers fleeing from domestic violence, and ending up homeless. As well as that, you are going to read about some rather disturbing pieces of information for each state. But it’s usually the best to know everything about a problem before any proper action can be taken to deal with it.

As you can see, this is a quite serious and informative article. Take a look at Insider Monkey’s list of 15 cities with the highest domestic violence rates in the US and see what America is struggling with.


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