15 Countries with the Freest Press in the World

“There is no denying that the media has a pivotal role in the world we live in. Especially today, when we are collectively wired to Internet 24/7 and bombarded with information. What content we are provided with, shapes the way we think about the world and therefore the way we act. For those in power, media control is a way of maintaining that same power. By controlling the content, the media produces, they in effect control the way people perceive the world. In such context, the majority are not in the position to critically examine the government and their decision making. They are not allowed to see the full picture, but simply a fragment. Being a journalist, one who adheres to the ethical principles of journalism proves to be a challenge in such circumstances. They face numerous obstacles in trying to inform the public.”

The above is an excerpt from Insider Monkey’s article onĀ 15 countries with the freest press in the world. In the article the author addresses the challenges of being a journalist in certain parts of the world. Perhaps this is best illustrated in data provided by the Reporters without Borders which concerns 2017. As the data shows, 65 journalists were killed, 54 were held hostages, while 326 were detained. These are definitely shocking figures, especially if one considers the age we live in and the degree to which society has developed up to date. However, as the article shows, not everything is so grim in the world of journalism. Countries which have the freest press in the world have continually been at the top of the list of World Press Freedom Index. These countries have pluralistic media, which are independent and free to operate as they like. Finland has been named the country with the freest press in the world a couple of times. Do you think that she was ranked 1st on Insidery Monkey’s list too?


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