15 Countries with the Lowest Unemployment Rates in the World in 2017

“Life seems to be going smoothly when you are in school and when you put all of your energy and thought into getting that piece of paper that makes you qualified to enter into the labor force, or so most of us think. You might have financial troubles which, more often than not, pressure you to adapt to the capitalist mode of existence by developing your own survival techniques. However, in general, you are too occupied balancing between your studies and social life at the campus to be thinking about the two digit number on your credit card. The gratification you reach upon finally obtaining your degree does not last long as what follows is the pressure to find a job. Apart from being time and energy consuming, it can also be frustrating and disappointing. The effort you put sometimes seems to be in vain, especially if you are looking for a job in a country which has a rather high unemployment rate.”

Having finished my education a couple of weeks ago, I am well aware of the struggles described above. I am officially unemployed and it is no fun. Looking at the report published by the International Labor Organization last year, I feel somewhat sad. The report suggests that the number of the unemployed people will rise in 2017, reaching 3.4 million people. I am assuming that I am one of those 3.4 million at the moment. However, should I stay unemployed for too long, I can always consider moving elsewhere, where there are more job opportunities. I believe I would easily find a job in any of the countries from the list of 15 countries with the lowest unemployment rates in the world in 2017. These countries may have some issues, but a high unemployment rate certainly is not one of them, as the most recent data suggests. You are one click away from learning which country has the lowest unemployment rate in the world in 2017.


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