15 Countries with the Most Militarized, Heavily Guarded and Secure Borders in the World

Probably what most people think of when it comes about most militarized zones is the Middle East. That is actually partly true, but political struggles and turmoil happens in many parts of the world. Military conflicts are therefore very common along the borderlines.

For example, there is a decades old issue of Kashmir, and the division of the area between several countries. That is one of the heaviest present day border conflicts involving Pakistan and India. Namely, Jammu and Kashmir area of India is officially one of the most militarized zones in the world today.

Even though being an autonomous state, the question of “ownership” of Jammu and Kashmir area of India has been going on since after the WW2 and it is still a burning issue between China, India, and Pakistan concerning territorial division. Since almost 30 years ago, when the question of ‘azadi,’ or independence of Kashmir arose, the area of Jammu and Kashmir has been under the continual presence of Indian military troops. Apart from being the highest militarized zone nowadays, Kashmir is also the world’s largest militarized zone with the longest pending issue going on in the world right now.

So, if you are interested in current situation between countries that are known to have frequent international conflicts and bad relations with neighbors, you might be interested at the issue of most defended, secure and militarized borders. An interesting overview of that issue can be found in the Insider Monkey’s article 15 Countries with the Most Militarized, Heavily Guarded and Secure Borders in the World. Apart from the information on most militarized, heavily guarded borders you will also get some fun facts about some of the most interesting borders in the world.



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