15 Countries with the Strictest Customs, Border Control and Airport Security in the World

Although many of us are annoyed by very strict customs, border control and airport security, you have to admit that it is definitely a better option than finding yourself stuck on a hijacked plane, thousands of miles above the ground. After the 9/11 attacks, the whole world became aware of the possible consequences of inadequate airport in the future. If you ever traveled by plane, you know that procedures before boarding can be very exhausting and time-consuming. We’re all well-familiar about baggage allowance and no-liquids rule but some countries have very specific and very strict rules. Some countries have very strict rules in regards to bringing any propaganda material (pamphlets, books etc.) which are against that countries politics or religion. Also, your camera and laptop contents might be checked and if you have “suspicious” pictures there is a chance you’ll need to delete them.

Insider Monkey experts compiled a list of 15 countries with the strictest customs, border control and airport security. This article provides you with everything you need to know about strictest borders in the world and airport security. If you plan to travel to some of these countries, you’ll get an insight about customs, border control and security rules in that country. When it comes to the most militarized border in the world, number one spot goes to the border between North and South Korea, which makes sense if you think about it. USA-Mexico border is another border which has the best border security force in the world and with President Trump’s newest actions, it seems that this security can only get stronger. In this case, the reason for strictest border control in the world is the fact that this border is often a place of (attempt of) illegal trespassing. High security at the airport is crucial for safe travels since hundreds if not thousands of people pass through airport every day. 


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