15 Countries with the Worst Jails and Prisons in the World

Safe prisons do not really exist, but those with better security and proper infrastructure are definitely safer than overcrowded prison which will be described on this list. The problem actually arises with the very purpose of prisons and jails which is to rehabilitate persons who have gone astray. Of course, a lot depends on the crime he/she committed, but for those who had minor offenses on their record, the goal is to send them back to the society as productive members rather than culprits.Unfortunately, many prisons around the world are overcrowded which results in very poor living conditions and increased violence among the inmates as well as between the guards and inmates. Besides that torture, corruption and staying for a prolonged amount of time in a solitary is often a common trait of worst prisons in the world. As much as we think that that we can grasp the horrors of life inside of the prison, we are probably wrong.

Insider Monkey experts compiled a list of 15 countries with the worst jails and prisons in the world and they¬†definitely made extra efforts to dig out some very disgusting details. Overcrowded prisons are the main issue which directly causes poor hygiene. Moreover, some prisons that are designed to receive around 800 inmates, often end up having a couple of thousands of inmates crammed in miniature cells. Sometimes there is no place to sit or even sleep and inmates have to sleep in shifts. In developing countries, prisons and jails often have problems with running water and sewage leakage as well. On the other hand, some prisons deliberately deny rights to a “normal” life to their inmates because they believe that this is exactly what they deserve. To make things worse, some of the “crimes” which¬†these inmates committed is simply disagreeing with the current political system or deciding to practice spiritual meditation which is not welcomed practice in their country.


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