15 Easiest Argumentative Issues to Write About

“Oh, nooo…” – is this what was going through your head when you found out you have to write a looong argumentative essay? You aren’t very good at oral debates, let alone written ones? In that case, 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about is the article for you!

Some people are just pure talents. Whichever topic they are given, their essays are brilliant. While some share their tricks, others remain silent about their secrets to excellent writing. But who are we kidding? Even when you know all the tips and tricks, writing an argumentative essay has never been one of your strengths. Until now, that is. With these easy argumentative issues, you’ll surprise yourself and your tutor!

Insider Monkey is giving you a list of topics that are so easy you’ll be surprised with the arguments popping to your mind. If you’re still  too much of a skeptic, fear not, because you’ll also be offered a few arguments for and against the topic, just to be on the safe side. The topics in question stray away from potential minefields. For instance, you won’t find vague issues such as What is love?. That one requires too much philosophy. Also, there are no abortion, gun control or the death penalty topics. Those have been around since the dinosaurs, and tutors are sick and tired of such essays. In order to get you the highest grade possible, Insider Monkey omitted all the sensitive issues, such as whether vegetarians should give their children meat. How could you know if your tutor is vegetarian?After all, who can vouch that he or she would be 100% unbiased? Let’s not fool ourselves that people are perfect.

As you can see, the topics were chosen carefully. Fear not to get down to business and pick one of 15 easiest argumentative issues to write about!


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