15 Easiest Karaoke Songs for Guys

Come on, now! Are you a man or a…chicken?  Every now and then you get invited at a karaoke party, but every time you decline. Or you go to one and from time to time, you clench your beer nervously hoping no one will notice you haven’t climbed up on stage yet. Not even once.  Well, that’s about to end with these 15 easiest karaoke songs for guys!

Karaoke parties are a blast. Mostly because they include lots of alcohol, and most importantly, lots of girls. Think about it. Would you really  be thinking about going to sing along party if there were only guys present? Didn’t think so. Even though karaoke parties are fun and can be hilarious, we both know you wouldn’t like to end up a laughing stock. Or even worse: to freeze in the middle of the stage because even you can’t find the excuse for the voice coming out of your mouth. Leaving your audience speechless isn’t quite what you had in mind. You’ve come here looking for easy karaoke songs for beginners, and you know better than to fool yourself you’re the next Elvis Presley. Your vocal cords are just not meant for certain songs. Or most of them. That’s why Insider Monkey gives you a list of best karaoke songs for men who don’t know how to sing properly.

The songs are as short as they could be, and as slow, too. You’ll have enough time to read those lyrics off the screen. Also, even though some songs are said to be easy, if the vocal is too specific, the song was ruled out. For instance, there are no AC/DC songs even though some websites recommend them for bad singers. However, there’s nothing easy about singing T.N.T. Don’t you agree?

Go ahead and check what songs even you can pull off! Take a look at  15 easiest karaoke songs for guys!

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