15 Gayest Countries in the World Per Capita

What is it like to be a homosexual in 21st century? Is homosexuality still a taboo theme? Well, it obviously is, because in some countries it is still being punished and gay marriages are far from being legalized.

Science studies have shown that 3%-5%, and maybe up to 10% of the world’s population is homosexual. On that matter, science has also shown that homosexuality is also wide spread through the rest of the animal kingdom and it is not simply “matter of choice”. But since the matter of being gay is not “culturally acceptable” on many places in this world, many gay people are afraid or feeling uncomfortable admitting they were gay. Acceptance of gay population as a “normal” part of community seems to be more spread through developed secular countries:

… But that is the matter of social issues in particular countries and regions in the world. For example, research has shown that views on homosexuality depend on several factors. It seems that tolerance toward homosexuality is greatly influenced by religious impact in the country, the wealth of the country and freedom of speech. So, the most opened regions towards homosexuality and most gay-friendly countries are Europe and North America, while the least gay-friendly are the Middle East and African countries. In some of those, homosexuality is even punished by death.

But, since the overall percentage of world’s gay population is say 3-5%, isn’t that the case with each country? Well it obviously is, and the only issue here is how many people would declare themselves as gay. So, the only reliable data about the gayest countries in the world per capita are statistical based on several independent surveys. In order to see more on this issue, go to Insider Monkey’s article about 15 Gayest Countries in the World Per Capita.



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