15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

It is good to have in mind where to find a gym if you are traveling often throughout the country. There are some big gym chains which you can find in almost every state. These can also be found in many parts of the world.

New gyms and gym chains are being opened lately in the US. That is probably a good sign, meaning that the demand for gyms is actually rising and people care about their health and body more and more. But anyway, let’s see some facts about the obesity, one of the biggest health issues nowadays in general:

One huge problem that can be solved with the help of regular physical activity is obesity. And obesity is a huge (and a rising) problem in the US and globally as well. Obesity is measured by the amount of fat in the body through the BMI (body mass index), calculated through height and weight proportions, and obesity is considered to be with BMI values 30 or more. Statistics show that as much as 36.5% of US adult population is obese, which is a very alarming figure. But probably good news is, as some statistics are showing that Americans are actually caring a lot more recently about their health, having 51.7% of adults over 18 engaged in an aerobic physical activity, while 21.% practice both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

So,yes. Physical activity is very important. So this is also an important topic. If you already have passes of your local gyms, why not use them whenever you are somewhere else in the country? For that reason it is important to know which of those can be found throughout the country. To see which those gyms are, check out the collection in the article published by Insider Monkey – 15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018.


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