15 Least Racist States in America Ranked By Hate Crimes in 2017

Racism should have died in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, it has perhaps never been as alive as it is nowadays, especially after Trump used it to propel himself to the most powerful office in the world. In an age where we have made almost impossible technological advancements such as self driving cars, we are still stuck with the belief that a person’s color makes him better or worse than others.

Today, we have black people protesting police brutality against them, which includes a myriad of incidents depicting unarmed, cooperating black people being killed by police. Is this truly what America has become?

While introspect may be required, the news isn’t completely terrible. There are some states which have instated a zero tolerance policy against racism and they have made inroads, which is why hate crime is hard to find there. Insider Monkey’s article ‘15 least racist states in American ranked by hate crimes in 2017‘ demonstrates how to curb racism.

The article first gives a history of racism in the country in the following excerpt:

‘ Racism in America has always been prevalent and can be dated back to the colonial era which was in the 16th century. The notion that a particular group is superior to others based on their color, ethnicity, culture or religion is the cusp of racism. It started quite early on when the Europeans mistreated the Native Americans based on their color and identity leading to mass murders and genocide. It went on to the African Americans, who were considered to be slaves for the whites. They were beaten, tortured and discriminated. And this lasted for centuries. In certain ways, it’s still quite widespread in the country.’

Be sure to check out this article if you want to learn how some states in America have grown more tolerant as time progresses!



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