15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018

European countries stand for one of the most educated countries in general. That is not surprising, especially looking at the western European countries which are among the wealthiest in the world. Much economic power and wealth brings lot of investment in education.

But it seems that education, and the high one as well has always had an important place in society. Some of the first institutionalized schooling systems seize back to early medieval ages when monastic schools were opened by the monasteries. Afterwards education has partially separated from the church and real universities have been opened – the first one in Bologna in 11th century. After this one most of other countries followed the custom, so nowadays we have very good prestigious universities with a long tradition throughout the Europe

With a long and important history of high education, Europe is still a great place for studying. There are many universities in Europe that teach in English. On that matter, you might be interested to find out which the best universities in Europe for international students are. There are many universities, apart from those in UK and Ireland where international students can find cheap universities that teach in English and some of the best counties to study in Europe for international students where that is possible are Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. From the huge list of universities in Europe some that offer cheap education in English, and also highly ranked, are: University of Oslo, Uppsala University, University of Tübingen, Leiden University, just to name some.

So, there are a lot of good universities throughout the Europe, and which country is leading in education then? If you are interested on this matter you can check out 15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018, to see which European countries have the most people with tertiary education.


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