15 Most Expensive Countries in the World in 2017

“Every time I travel abroad, I become more aware of the disparity in the prices of commodities around the world, be it accommodation, food, clothes or souvenirs. Since I come from a developing country, most of the EU countries I have visited so far were rather expensive in my point of view – one of a citizen coming from a country in transition where the economy is shattered, to put it mildly. Perhaps the most expensive country I traveled to was Netherlands, which I visited a couple of years back. It was a luxury on which I spent most of my one-year savings. Most of the basic things which I needed during my five days stay were three or four times more expensive than in my country.”

Has something similar ever happened to you? Travelling does broaden your perspective in more ways than you could imagine, as exemplified above. Insider Monkey’s article on 25 most expensive countries in the world in 2017 offers you an overview of the priciest countries in 2017. Costs of living do not stay the same every year, and we thought it would be useful to update you on what has changed. Apart from offering you the list of top 25 most costly countries in 2017, the article also provides info as to the most expensive cities in the world. Furthermore, you can find out where the property is most expensive to buy in the world. Hint, the country’s name starts with M! And there is a treat for travel addicts, the list of countries which are the most expensive to visit. (I will avoid these for some time. Until I become a millionaire.)  To find out which countries are the most expensive, I have used the data on costs of living provided by a number of sources. I have also compared the ranking of capital cities, according to how expensive they are, and the ranking of countries based on their costs of living. Check out the article and let me know what you think!




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