15 most profitable crops in the world.

Agriculture is actually very similar to any other business. Production, quality and marketing are essential if you wish to succeed in the business. The first step, of course, involves proper crop selection. This depends of several factors including climate, soil properties, pathogens, ruminant animals that can influence plant’s grow and development and of course size of your farm. If you are smart enough to choose the right crop, you can earn a lot even on a small farm. Some of the most profitable agricultural crops per acre include hemp, garlic, ginseng, tomatoes and gourmet mushrooms. To see the rest of the list of best cash crops for 1 acre, take a look at article about best cash crops withthe highest profit per acre.

If you don’t have to worry about the amount of land which you can cultivate, your choice is even bigger. Some crops such as tomatoes or fingerling potatoes do not have such a high price per pound but yield per acre is pretty high (depending on the weather conditions, of course). In this case quantity is the factor which will bring you a lot of money. Insider Monkey experts singled out most profitable crops to compile the list of 15 most profitable crops in the world. You can scan through their list and find a crop which is suitable for your needs. Some of these crops do not need a lot of grooming which means that you can do this in addition to your every day job. Who knows, maybe this part-time job will bring you more money that hours spent in the office. One small tip however, if you want to work as a part-time grower you might want to skip plants such as saffron because it requires A LOT of time. On the other hand, it is called “the most expensive spice in the world” for a reason. It is more expensive than gold! Yes, more expensive than this precious metal.


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