15 Countries with Most Plastic Surgery Per Capita

Yes, USA is the country with the highest number of plastic surgeries occurring within it but is it the top of the list when it comes to per capita surgeries? The surprising answer is: no, no it isn’t.

Dividing the number of surgeries over the population of a nation gives you the true measure of how popular cosmetic procedures are in that area. If you go on ahead to this piece on 15 countries with the most plastic surgery per capita, you would find that some very unlikely candidates are actually obsessed with plastic surgery. It is indeed an indication of how people these days are hell bent on complaining about their appearances. They wish to tweak with their features even if they are extremely attractive. Only if they get lip fillers will they be satisfied with their lips, only if they get botox will they be content with their skin, only if they get liposuction will they be happy with their body. It’s a dangerous trend and maybe these countries with the highest plastic surgery rates will be able to do something about it in the future. For now though, the downfall of cosmetic procedures seems really unlikely. But let us see what the future will bring.


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