15 States with the Ugliest Women in America

“Everyone enjoys a sight of something beautiful. It is an inherent part of our very nature. We have to satisfy our aesthetic needs much like we have to satisfy physiological needs. That is why we listen to Beethoven’s „Moonlight Sonata“, why we enjoy the sight of aurora borealis. It is our insatiable need for beauty that makes us forget about social behavior code while staring at the alluring face of a woman passing by on the street. The chances that you will be captivated by women’s beauty are higher if you decide to visit one of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world. It’s a different story if you happen to be in one of the countries with the ugliest women in the world.”

While there is a common belief that beauty is a matter of subjective perception, the truth is that, the majority of people find the same things beautiful. In Ancient Greece, the beauty was embodied in the Golden Ratio, which is 1:1.618. The Golden Ratio of the New Age is 0.36 and it is derived from the original Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio, however, defines only the symmetry of facial features. There are plenty of factors which play a role in whether we perceive someone as being beautiful or not. Emotions, for example, play a significant role. I guess that is where the importance of smile lies. The media has a great impact in our perception of beauty. While the media promotes the Western ideal of beauty, we should always be aware that different cultures have different standards of beauty. The article 15 states with the ugliest women in America elaborates on the idea of beauty and considers the ranking of state representatives on beauty pageants, such as Miss USA and Miss America, in order to see where the “ugliest” women in America live.


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