15 States with the Worst Roads and Infrastructure in US

How often do you jump in your seat on your way to work because there was a pothole you couldn’t avoid? When was the last time you cursed because of cracked pavement? If you think that happens more than often, you’re probably living in one of 15 states with the worst roads and infrastructure in US.

Roads and infrastructure are what makes the state. Think about it. The living standard of the whole state is determined by it. You can really see the what state a state (or any country) is in just by looking at its roads. One drive along the highway can tell you more than any report. If it’s a bumpy ride, you know very well you can’t expect for anything else to be right either. Infrastructure and roads are of great importance to everyone. What is a state infrastructure anyway? Surely the term is always in the news and politicians’ speeches, but can you define it? Vaguely. The infrastructure comprises schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, tunnels, post offices, airports, telephone lines and all those other facilities that make our lives easier. Therefore, infrastructure makes the very core of our lives.

Since it’s practically impossible to embrace all the factors and use them as infrastructure indicators, Insider Monkey chose several: roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. In other words, transport, education, and health system. You’ll see which states have the worst bridges and roads, while the health system is OK. And vice versa. Some of the states can boast about their universities and other facilities, but when it comes to road quality… Let’s just say it makes vehicles deteriorate at a fast pace.

You ‘ll also read about the best infrastructure, too.

Now let’s take a look if the situation is really as bad as you’re guessing (and cussing). Here are 15 states with the worst roads and infrastructure in US!


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