15 Witty Tinder Bio Examples for Girls

OMG, this is so hard, what am I going to write? If you’ve been humming “love me tinder, love me sweet” under your breath, saying this line and racking your brains how to appear witty, but not slutty, you can stop worrying about it. Insider Monkey is giving you 15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls!

It’s hard out here for a girl. The sentence sums it up nicely. While there are tons of “great tinder bios for guys”, it’s a fact that while looking for best tinder descriptions for girls all you seem to be encountering are examples such as “I love balls,” or “I give great…” Well, you can assume. And it’s perfectly fine for examples of sexy and popular Tinder bio lines, no doubt about it. But here we’re trying to be witty and provoke some interest without specifically boasting about our lady-parts. That comes later during conversation, doesn’t it?

Anyway, to see how you should represent yourself in the best way possible, Insider Monkey did research on what guys want. For real. It turned out they actually know very well what they do not want. Kinda like girls, right? We won’t reveal all of it, but let’s just say  they absolutely loathe “height requirement.” That’s one thing they just can’t stand, even if they are tall enough! Weird, isn’t it? Perhaps not as much, if you imagine what would happen if guys started writing “weight requirements” for girls. What we can guarantee is that the lines in question won’t have any such straightforward forbidden information.

What do guys like? Insider says they like photos. Flirty, smiling girls on the photos. So, if you haven’t got one, call your BFF and make a decent one!

Now would be the time to check which Tinder line are you going to use from 15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls. Have fun on your dates!


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