16 Best, Most Expensive, Biggest Celebrity Homes in the World in 2017

A lot of people dream about having a bunch of luxurious sport cars, and truly gigantic mansions, but there are few who actually get to have this. Yes, you might be rich, you might have a nice house, and a nice car, but are you up to the level of the 16 best, most expensive, biggest celebrity homes in the world in 2017? Didn’t think so, but if you want to take a peek of some of those, don’t hesitate to click on the link to our article. Spoiler alert! Someone in this list actually has a darn waterpark!
Since prices and ownership vary in time, it is not surprising that this article about best, most expensive, biggest celebrity homes in the world in 2017 is quite different from our 10 most expensive and biggest celebrity homes in 2015. Here, I shall list the houses according to their price, and the best way to know how much one of this unusual homes are supposed to be worth is when they’re in the process of switching hands. And where does this celebrity real estate information come from? That would be The NY PostZillowPage Six, and Daily Mail. All the houses featured here were either bought or put on the market in the year 2017, although I also took into account those that were listed in previous years but remain for sale until the date.


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