16 Biggest Animals in the World Found Alive

As Richard Dawkins named the wonderful story of evolution “The Greatest Show on Earth”, have you ever wondered which those biggest of the biggest actors in it are? Which is the largest animal that ever walked on earth? And which is the biggest that ever swam?

You have maybe heard about the recent discovery of a giant land dinosaur named simply titanosaur (scientists have just recently come up with the scientific Latin name of Patagotitan mayorum):

… concerning the biggest animal on land, scientists have recently discovered one new species. That is a dinosaur which lived during the Cretaceous period in Patagonia region of Argentina. That is magnificent Patagotitan mayorum, or, titanosaur, a long-necked sauropod. It has just recently been discovered, and you can see the full reconstruction of it in the National Museum of Natural History in New York since 2016 as a part of a permanent exhibition. It is so large that it couldn’t fit in the single room, Its head and the tip of the tail are sticking out! Anyway, compared to the species living today, titanosaur weighed as much as 12 African elephants (which is around 69 tons) and was more than 120 feet long.

Probably well-known fact is that the biggest land animal today is the African elephant, so can you imagine the size of the titanosaur? But there is even bigger animal dwelling among us nowadays. It is also the biggest animal that has ever lived on the earth (until or if we don’t find some ancient giant as it was surprise with the titanosaur. But we will not spoil all the mystery now. Go to the article about the 16 Biggest Animals in the World Found Alive to find out about this more. You will also see eome of the living specimens that hold their place on the Guinness World Record and many more…


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