16 Cleanest Countries in the World

If you want to know which countries are the cleanest countries in the world, take a look at our list of 16 cleanest countries in the world. Yale and Cambridge researchers used 25 indicators including water and air quality and greenhouse gas emissions to determine how clean certain countries in the world. It comes as a no surprise that the poorest performing countries (hence dirties countries in the world if you classify it according to the Environmental Performance Index) are located in Asia and Africa. The cleanest country in Asia is Japan, which ranks as 39th according to EPI score while cleanest country in Africa is Tunisia, ranked as 53rd country on the list. Title of the cleanest country in 2016 goes to Finland, according to the Environmental Performance Index for 2016 (we have to wait a new report to find out if things will change and if Finland will remain the cleanest country in 2017 as well).
Traveling can be very stressful sometimes but if you choose to travel to one of these 16 cleanest countries in the world, at least you don’t have to worry about catching some nasty disease while you explore your destinations. I’ve traveled to various countries in Europe and Asia as well and I realized how relaxed you can be when you find yourself in a clean city with trash bins on every corner. Another question which I always ask the locals is whether tap water is safe for drinking. When the answer is yes, it means that if you order a squeezed juice, you don’t have to think if they used tap water or not and if you will catch some bacteria if the water is not drinkable. And of course, you save some money if you don’t buy water every day. On our list of 12 countries with the cleanest tap water, you can see some of the countries where tap water is (more than) safe to drink.


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