16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List

What are important factors for having a healthy long life? First of all it is lifestyle. 21st century is a time of hustle and busy stressed life spent in cars, traffic and shopping malls. That is one of the things having a lot of impact on human health. SO, where has 2017 taken us towards the issue of health in general? Have high obesity rates made us think about the health of society? Well, depends on the country, it seems that awareness about heath is also a cultural thing. But let’s first see what the most important factors for leading a healthy life are.


Exercise and healthy foods are thus one of the most important things that people should be aware of nowadays. Some governments are concerned more and some others less about the health of the people. Some are working hard on promoting healthy lifestyles and introducing some restrictions such as restriction of smoking on public places or alcohol consummation control. For the conclusion:


So, combined, good diet and exercising on regular basis have a good impact on health. On the contrary, obesity, alcohol and tobacco use are one of the health’s worst enemies. Some of the unhealthiest countries in the world are among the top in the use of tobacco and alcohol. That brings Eastern Europe as the region with the least healthy countries in the world, according to research, having heavy drinking culture and high obesity rate.


So, which countries are ones that have the most awareness in health issues? There are several things to take in mind, such as nutrition and level of regular physical exercising as we have already noted, then other factors include life expectancy, country’s wealth, diseases, environmental pollution, how developed medical infrastructure is and so on. Based on these criteria, Insider Monkey’s article about 16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List will give you the answers you are looking for.



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