16 Most Hated Characters and Villains in Movies Ever

Have you ever experienced that sick feeling in your stomach when a certain movie character/villain comes on screen and you just want to rip their guts out? Of course you have! That is why I bring you the 16 most hated characters and villains in movies ever

One thing I’ve noticed is that enduring a hateful fellow for 90 minutes is not nearly enough to get to really hate his/her guts. No, in order to really hate a character, the movie must be at least two and a half hours long; three is even better. It is indispensible that you really get to know the character, to find out all those despicable quirks that end up making the hero’s life and duty way more tedious. Their personality needs to seep into you, poison you, make you want to kill them with your own hands. But however long the movie is, there is only one thing that will really do the trick when it comes to hideous characters: you need a great actor; something you will also proves to be true in our 10 most hated television characters of all time list. 

You don’t need to be a villain to be one of the most hated characters ever, it could just be a really, REALLY annoying or stupid fellow, though in general we’re inclined to hate those who present a threat to our beloved leads. But what about when those special cases when they also ARE our beloved characters? You know, the villains you love to hate. Duality makes the best archnemesis; it makes us want them to die painful deaths, which would both fascinate, and make us a little sad.


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