16 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World in 2017

“On my days out in the city, when I get to observe people in public spaces such as restaurants, parks, and trains, I tend to think that we have developed a collective addiction to technology. I myself find it hard to go through a day without going online to see my Facebook feed or to read the news from across the globe. There is no denying that technology has contributed to the quality of life we lead nowadays. Just think about the knowledge in store for us online. At no other point in time was knowledge so accessible as it is nowadays. Keeping in touch with my relatives in Australia is much easier now that I have Skype and do not have to nervously watch on the clock while talking to them over the phone, so as not to get a high phone bill.”

Technology has become an integral part of the life of 21st century. There is no denying that. Given its presence in our everyday lives, it is no wonder that there are advancements in the field every now and then. I myself am amazed at how technology has developed so much in a relatively short time span. Could you imagine ten years ago that there would be so many versions of smartphones? Could you predict the importance social media has nowadays? Some countries have contributed more to the advancements in technology than others. In the article onĀ 16 most technologically advanced countries in the world in 2017, we focus on the countries which are at the frontiers of innovation. These countries hold the potential for the further advancements in technology. They are the key to the future. The ranking is based on the data regarding 2017 Global Innovation Index and 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index. Furthermore, since education has a vital role in the advancements made in the field of technology, ranking of the universities worldwide in computer science is also taken into account. Check out the article to see which country is the most technologically advanced in 2017.



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