17 Cities with the Highest Suicide Rate Per Capita in 2018

So, which are the highest suicidal cities in the world per capita? Suicide is a serious matter, having around 800,000 suicides occurring annually throughout the globe. Some countries, like Eastern European countries for example are showing higher suicide rate than the others.

And the reasons for that are different. For example alcoholism (which is the serious issue in Eastern European countries since we have mentioned those) is one. Others include mental conditions such as depression, stress, isolation and others. So, therefore:

Although we are talking about cities here, the vast majority of suicide in the countries in general is done by people living in rural areas. But on the other hand, there are many interesting and mysterious places where suicides take place. One such place is Aokigahara forest in Japan, which seems to be among the favorite places to take suicide.

On the more bright side, one of the least suicidal countries is surprisingly (or not) Saudi Arabia, followed by Syria and Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman and Jamaica, as the data from 2012 suggests. But, more interestingly, countries that are marked as the “happiest countries” in the world are showing a high rate of suicides. Such as the example of Switzerland where around 1,000 suicides are committed annually. There are also the Nordic countries like Finland or Denmark which also show a high percentage of suicides.

Matter of suicide rates in the happiest countries and favorite suicide spots are rather interesting subjects. But today we are here to find out which the cities with the highest suicide rate per capita in 2018 are. On this matter there is not a very precise answer since there is not a consistent and uniform research done on each city in the world of course. That is why we often get statistics on a broader level – on a country or region level most usually. But nevertheless, a nice review on this matter can be found on the Insider Monkey’s article.


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