17 Easiest, Best Countries to Find a Girlfriend

If you’re keen on traveling and like meeting beautiful girls, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll be coming home with a new girlfriend if you visit one of these 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend.

Finding a girlfriend can be tough. Sure, everyone is saying how guys have it easy and this is a man’s world, but when it comes to dating, the tables have turned. Men have every right to feel confused nowadays. You’re expected to be a feminist (whatever that implies nowadays) and a perfect gentleman. Also, there’s a thin line between being a gentleman and a total wimp. Usually, it depends on a girl. And most girls don’t really know what they want, or hardly have they ever known. That’s exactly why you’re reading this. You’ve deserved some effortless dating, haven’t you?

Insider Monkey is making that possible. They did research on the countries with the biggest differences in male-female ratio. The lower the number of men, the higher your chances are of finding a girl of your dreams. We’re not saying they are desperate girls and women, but they are definitely seeking a partner. As well as that, these countries are renowned for stunning girls. The countries in question have had at least one beauty contestant who has won the title of Miss Universe or Miss World. Therefore, the beauty standard is taken as a norm, rather than being based on someone’s personal preferences.

In addition to this, you’ll see which countries are to be avoided at all costs, i.e. where sex is such a taboo that premarital sex is legally punishable. Don’t visit those unless you’re planning on getting married!

To summarize, if you’re single and ready to mingle, start packing your bags. There are lots of girls in 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend just waiting for you to come!


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