17 Easiest Marathons for Beginners in US and Europe

Where are the easiest marathons for beginners in Europe and US? What is important for beginners to know about running? When and why did marathons start?

Marathons had been introduced to the Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens. No wonder it was at the Athens Olympics, since the “tradition” of Marathon comes from the ancient Greece. According to the legend, after the Battle of Marathon which was in 490 B.C.  a herald soldier run for 25 miles to spread the word about the Greek victory over Persians. As a tribute to that victory, length of 26.2 miles (which is 42.195 km) of marathon was established.

Today there are races of various lengths, including half-marathons, 10k, 5k etc. Marathons have become very popular that every major city in Europe has their marathon, such as London Marathon, Paris Marathon, Berlin Marathon which gather many people both dedicated sportsmen and enthusiasts or beginners. But since marathons are not that naïve, having in mind their length (and also slope), beginners should think in advance if they want to try out themselves on some of the marathons.

So, concerning beginners interested in running who want to run a marathon there are several things they should have in mind:

Since we are here from the perspective of beginners, let’s see what is the most important to prepare your mind and body in order to run a marathon. First, of course, there is the training and exercise as the physical part of preparations. Then, a very important thing that many people seem to neglect, or simply don’t think about is nutrition and eating healthy. And in the end, there is mental willingness and devotion.

You can see more about those three most important components of beginners (and of course not only beginners) preparations in an interesting article on Marathons published by Insider Monkey. And after this helpful introduction you will also get the insight where you can find easiest marathons in Europe and USA for beginners.



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