17 Examples of First Messages to a Girl on Facebook

Sometimes it all comes down to that first message you’re going to send, so you’d better read Insider Monkey’s guide on how to put together a decent, responsive first message to a girl on Facebook and go through their 17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook for practical study.

Why is Facebook so convenient when it comes to dating? An indecisive girl could give you the best answer. Facebook has become the perfect mediator in negotiations. Sometimes a girl isn’t quite 100% sure if she’d like you to have her number or not, but giving you a Facebook account is somewhere in between when it comes to privacy. She didn’t turn you down, so there’s a window open for you. Now’s your time to shine and send her a cool, original message.

The second scenario considered by Insider Monkey is when you two have never met before, and it can be even more difficult to leave a good impression and stand out from the crowd. The more beautiful the girl, the greater the challenge. How are you to prove you’re the best among all those other guys trying to chat her up? By sending her one of these messages, of course.

In addition, you’ll find practical tips on how to go about messaging in the future. Along with the messages there is usually a tip or two on what effect the message will cause, or what kind of girls will find it appealing. The article will tell you finally whether you should comment on a girl’s personal appearance, and how to do it. For example, telling her something like “You look like a model” is a big no-no.

After reading  17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook you’ll know exactly what to write to your potential girlfriend. So, pluck up your courage and hit send!


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