17 Good Pop Rock Audition Songs for Female Singers

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to reach the stars? Having witnessed so many amazing success stories all around us, it’s really easy to imagine winning a contest. After all, what all those (now world famous) singers have in common with you is the dream. At the very beginning, the dream and hard work were all they had. And the first step towards reaching the dream was passing an audition. Hence, here are Insider Monkey’s 17 good pop rock audition songs for female singers!

Sometimes it all comes down to picking the right song to present yourself. At an audition, what you have is those few minutes to present yourself in the best way possible, and that’s no mean feat. All your hard work brought you in front of the judges waiting for you to shine (or prove tone deaf). Some of them hope you’ll be the next superstar. Others will look at you without any high hopes, except that they’re hoping you’ll be over soon so they can have some lunch. Either way, you have a couple of minutes to impress the judges enough to let you go to the next round, and the next one, until you reach the finals! Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? And Insider Monkey can help you with it!

The songs from the list are definitely excellent choices for several reasons. First, they aren’t boring! Of course, we all have our preferences, but you can rest assured the judges are sick and tired of listening to (bad) performances of some classics. Not impressing the judges from the start is certainly unfavorable, but you won’t have to worry about it if you choose one of the hits from this list. Too exploited songs didn’t make the cut, so you will definitely be original and give a memorable performance.

However, bear in mind that even though all of the songs are highly recommendable for singing, probably not all of them are going to suit your vocal abilities – it’s practically impossible. Therefore, be careful with your final decision. Either way, there are fast-paced songs, as well as ballads present. That should definitely make your choice easier in that respect – you can opt for something which fits your current mood, or your temperament. You’ll be able to show yourself in the best way possible, and with 17 songs to choose from, there are more than enough to pick for a couple of rounds, aren’t there?

By the way, don’t expect these pop and rock songs to be the most recent earworms. According to research, the judges usually prefer “oldie but goldie” songs. If the latest pop and rock charts were your initial resources, just forget about them.

Therefore, check out  Insider Monkey’s 17 good pop rock audition songs for female singers, and get ready to become famous for all the right reasons!


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