17 Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World in 2017

“Most of us are aware of the negative effects drug abuse has on individuals who experience the pitfalls of drug addiction. Drug abuse interferes with all the aspects of an individual’s life, creating an impediment for them to lead a normal life. However, more often than not, we forget about the repercussions drug abuse has on the society as a whole. Drug addiction creates an environment where crime flourishes, as the state of a mind of a drug addict urges them to resort to virtually any means in order to supply their lifestyle. Furthermore, it has been shown that more than 50 % of the cases of child abuse is perpetrated by parents who are battling substance addiction. I doubt there is a need to elaborate on how drug addiction has negative effects on public health.”

The above text is an excerpt from an article published not that long ago on 17 most drug addicted countries in the world in 2017. The article provides an overview of the data on drug trafficking and drug abuse worldwide. The data points to Afghanistan, Colombia and Mexico as the biggest drug trafficking countries in the world. On the other side of the spectrum, the highest rate of drug abuse is recorded in European cities. As statistics show, Antwerp, London and Zurich are the top three most drug addicted cities in the world. While two years ago the UK was ranked as the most drug addicted country in the world, this year that spot is occupied by another country. The sources used in order to create the final ranking are the 2017 UNODOC report and 2017 Global Drug Survey Report. Furthermore, the data on death rates due to drug overdose is taken into consideration. To see if your country has made it to top 17 most drug addicted countries in the world in 2017, check out the article.


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