19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018

Are you a karaoke fan but you have limited voice range? Generally, for singing karaoke you don’t need to be a singing expert or a musician of any sort because karaoke is mainly made for fun, so,  for some people it is even  more fun this way. But OK, here we are with specific demands, mid range karaoke songs.

How about discovering what your voice range actually is? There are some technical divisions of voices in general they differ in male and female of course. Female voices are usually being divided into alto, mezzo soprano and soprano, while male voices are bass, baritone, tenor and counter tenor. If you are not a professional singer this would not be of great significance to you (although why not knowing which voice you are). But, regarding everybody’s unique voice there is a way of finding your middle range:

Now the question arises, how to find your own middle range voice? Well, it might be not as easy to realize this on your own if you were not musically trained. But, try this out: sing for the lowest tones you can, up to the highest ones. When you start feeling the vibrations in your mouth and throat, that would be somewhat of your middle range (while for the lowest you would use your chest as a support, and for the highest you would hear your voice “pushing” in your head and feeling like it is forming above your palate and in the upper skull).

Maybe we have gone too technical here, but since we are here for mid range songs, it is good to know what mid range actually is. Now, after you have checked you own voice you can find which of these songs are suitable for you, since they were chosen for some mid range voices in general, so to say. And the songs are: 19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018.


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