20 Simple Tinder Bios for Females

Ladies, if you haven’t been aware of it, we’ll tell you. Having just a photo on Tinder isn’t enough. To get more matches, use one of these 20 simple Tinder bios for females by Insider Monkey. Or do you just want to be judged by your looks?

Good Tinder bio lines for girls are hard to find. It’s true; we are the ones who are left with a choice when it comes to flirting and accepting someone’s message request (usually). However, it’s completely natural to wish to be swiped right by a certain type of guy. That’s why you should write a couple of Tinder bio lines underneath your photo. It’s always good to stand out from the crowd. After all, if you’re checking out a guy’s bio at Tinder and drawing conclusions, what makes you think they aren’t doing the exact same thing? Yes, they are males, and the opposite sex doesn’t tend to overcomplicate things. Men are pretty much visual creatures, wouldn’t you agree? However, every guy would like to know something about the object of his desire. Your Tinder bio actually determines what kind of message he’s going to send, i.e what attitude he’s taking and how he plans on treating you. Why wouldn’t you write a line or two and make things easier for both of you?

While most websites avoid offering bio suggestions for easy hookups, this is not the case here. You can find cool and simple bio lines for whatever your goal may be – a simple hookup, or a romantic relationship. For that reason, the bios are very versatile. There are funny, witty, flirty, and openly sexy lines. You can take your pick.

Check out 20 simple Tinder bios for femaleschoose the best for you and have some fun on Tinder! Isn’t it what it’s all about?


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