21 Countries with the Purest Tap Water in the World

Water is one of the most precious elements and one of the basic things in the world and all living creatures depend on it. Apart from the Sun energy, water is the most important source we have on our planet. Even though it is fairly well known fact, huge amount of water resources are nowadays polluted. Some regions are luckier with the pollution situation than others, but it is becoming a huge problem.

Country that seems to have the cleanest natural water reserves is Chile, as scientists have approved:

Since the matter of clean drinking water is becoming more and more serious question, countries with the most uncontaminated natural springs and water supplies can be considered fortunate ones. According to some scientific researches, Chile has one of the purest natural water in the world. Scientists doing the research have been using instruments which can detect bad chemical compounds that are two parts per million, and they literally found nothing in Chilean waters of Puerto Williams. But, South American countries are far from having the cleanest drinking water in the world. Actually, drinking tap water in South America isn’t recommended at all.

Of course, amount and quality of drinking water directly depends on the amount of fresh clean natural water. So, if you are interested in finding out where in the world you can taste the best tap water, check out Insider Monkey’s article on 21 Countries with the Purest Tap Water in the World.

Also in the time of great environment pollution, there is a huge problem of amount of plastic ending up in garbage every day. That’s only one reason to reconsider whether you should continue buying bottled water or drinking communal tap water instead. Some researches have also shown that many times tap water has shown better quality than bottled water, but the choice is on you…



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