25 cities with the highest STD rates in America

You may think of STDs as belonging to the 80s, when the AIDS scare had ballooned to epic proportions. However, the truth is quite different. As people started paying less attention to STDs cause it wasn’t cool anymore, the rate of STDs in America increased. As the country grows more liberal, people are more open to sexual relationships which also puts them at greater risk of contracting STDs. There’sa  reason why most Muslim countries have low rates of STDs after all.

The good thing is, it is quite easy to control the spread of STDs and prevent yourself from getting into an uncomfortable position. The following excerpt from this Insider Monkey article called ‘25 cities with the highest STD rates in America‘ points out some of the methods while also explaining why the rate of STDs is constantly increasing by saying:

‘There are many effective methods to prevent the occurrence of STDs; with protection being the most important one. The simple act of wearing a condom while having sex can significantly reduce the probability of contracting an STD from your partner. However, many people, especially teenagers and those in their early 20s, believe that this potentially life-saving act reduces the pleasure derived from sex, and hence avoid it. Combine this mentality with the belief, which young people often possess – that they are invincible, and you can understand why STD rates have seen an increase.”

The article further goes on to explain which cities in America are most prone to STDs. Be sure to check it out!


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