25 Funniest Math Jokes, Riddles and Pick up Lines Ever

Trying to hook up with a hot math student, but don’t know what to say? Bored at work and feel like having a smile? Here are Insider Monkey’s 25 funniest math jokes, riddles and pick up lines ever!

Math is one serious subject. If you take a look around you, almost everything was made in accordance with it. Your furniture, the chair you’re sitting on, your computer (we’ll take it that your smoothie or coffee is pure physics)… In order for all those to materialize, someone had to do serious calculations. Isn’t it strange how so many of us struggled with Algeria? Or was it algebra? For some unfathomable reason, even though it is very practical and challenging, math isn’t everyone’s favorite subject. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy math jokes, riddles and pick up lines.

After all, people have always enjoyed making fun out of serious stuff, right? Luckily, the stuff here in question isn’t too complicated. Sure, here and there will be some advanced math calculus, and you should better know who Descartes is…? OK, in case you don’t, never mind. There are still plenty of perfectly simple and understandable jokes and pick up lines. Actually, one of them can be used on guys. Sometimes women have to take the initiative, right? We promise the hook up lines aren’t too corny to succeed (they’re nothing like angel pick up lines), but for some of them you better have the right equipment (and we’re not talking knowledge here).

Now let’s make a curve on your face without any previous calculations. Check out 25 funniest math jokes, riddles and pick up lines ever!


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