25 States with the Most Suicides in America

Suicide is among the top 10 causes of death in general. Each year around 800,000 people commit suicide, and those are mostly young people – teenagers and young adults. Suicide is often second cause of death in those age groups.

There are many things that can make someone commit suicide. One of the leading causes is depression, and it often is not treated or even noticed sice the beginning. There are many reasons why someone might have a depression, poor social interaction, bad economic status, and many other reasons.

The situation in the US is the same also concerning causes and rates of suicides. Concerning depression:

Among the important factors that impact suicide is depression a condition with growing rates. In the US only, for example, 16.1 million adults (or 6.7% of adults) suffer from depression, and the majority of that belongs to age group between 18 and 25 years. Depression rates by state vary, and according to some data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2010, among the top depressed states are Mississippi (14.8%), West Virginia (14.3%), Alabama (13%), Oklahoma (11.3%) and Tennessee (11%).


So we see some statistics here, but what is couraging, most of people with depression will not commit suicide, since there usually is a trigger that makes someone kill themselves. That can be current emotional breakdown or culmination of everyday life stress and problems. In the US there are many suicide prevention groups and places where people can seek for help since there are so many suicides in the US. Researches have shown that suicide rate in the US is 14.3, which means that on every 100,000 people 14.3 will commit suicide. That makes US above the global average which is 10.7.

If you are interested to find out more about this issue concerning the US, go  to the article about 25 States with the Most Suicides in America by Insider Monkey.


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