26 Highest Suicidal Cities in the World

“Anyone who is not completely oblivious to the reality they are emerged in, is aware that there is more to life than spending time with the people you love, getting that well-deserved promotion and feeling the joy of traveling to a place you have never visited. We know that these are the good things in life because at some point we hit the low life had in store for us all. While most of us go through these moments being aware that they do not last forever and that sooner or later, we will rise again, for others, the blow is just unbearable, and the only solution they see is leaving this world for good. ”

Have you ever reached that point in your life when you thought that the best way to end all of your misery is to commit suicide? I believe many people have had this kind of a moment, yet not many decide to act on it. Luckily. Life does get difficult sometimes. Loss of a job, debt, betrayal, death of a loved one are just some of the things that make it difficult for us to experience true joy. Yet, what we should always keep in mind is that life is a gift and that all things that do make you feel unhappy are subject to change. It is all a matter of perspective. While it is not that easy to change your point of view, it definitely helps if you contemplate on these things. Insider Monkey’s article on¬†26 highest suicidal cities in the world¬†dwells on some of these matters. By taking into account country suicide rates and city population, I estimated the number of people who commit suicide every year in the cities on the list. There is no need to stress the importance of policy making in this regard. Respective governments should use all the means available to create effective policies that would help in reducing suicide rates to the very minimum. Check out the article and let me know what you think.


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