26 Jobs That Don’t Require Drug Test in 2018

Although some parts of the US have decided to legalize marijuana, employers can make drug testing a part of their recruitment process. Currently, smoking pot is legal in eight states, while twenty states and the District of Columbia allow use of medical marijuana. However, it does not mean that employers from these states do not subject their workers to substance screening. Moreover, companies can decide not to hire candidates who tested positive for weed even if they used cannabis as medicine.

More than a half of all employers in the US ask job applicants to take drug screening test and there is an impression that it is very difficult to find a job that does not require substance screening. While this might be true for some industries, such as healthcare, transportation or manufacturing, where employees must be fully alert, there are a few fields in which drug screening is not mandatory.

Insider Monkey’s list of 26 jobs that don’t require drug test in 2018 reveals that people working in marketing, creative industry or information technology sector usually do not have to pass drug test. In addition there are many professions which offer freelance and self-employment opportunities (for instance, a web designer can make a solid earnings by doing only freelance work which does not require substance screening).

Insider Monkey’s list includes high-paying jobs with median wage of over $70,000, which require minimum BA degree, as well as low-paying paying menial positions for which you do not need much schooling.  Besides presenting jobs that do not drug test, Insider Monkey’s article also provides median wage for each of 26 occupations. In order to find out more, follow the link to the article 26 jobs that don’t require drug test in 2018.


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