5 Easiest Kit Airplanes to Build From Scratch

For all of you who have mastered assembling IKEA furniture, and are dreaming to fly high in the sky, Insider Monkey is giving you 5 easiest kit airplanes to build from scratch!

Isn’t this a great time to be alive! Achieving one of the man’s greatest dreams has never been so easy! And we’re not talking here about commercial flights. Dedalus couldn’t be more proud of you! That’s the guy from Greek mythology who had the first dream of flying up in the air. He was able to construct the wings which Icarus used to rise up in the air successfully, but the Sun made him crash. Not, it wasn’t because it blinded him. Either way, you shouldn’t have any accidents with Insider Monkey’s suggestions if you follow the manual thoroughly.

 Who would’ve thought there are so many to choose from? People, especially Americans, love putting the pieces together and building a plane on their own. Actually, there’s a catch here. As you will find out in the article, there’s a company providing you with space, expert advice, and all the possible tools you could need for the assembly process. However, their engineers are there just to observe and praise or scold, not to literally give you a hand. Also, the kits in question are not pre-assembled at all. Not even the tiniest bit, so we hope you’re looking forward to hundreds of hours of installment. After all, this hobby is for the few who relish the feeling of success  after your long, hard work takes you up above the clouds.
If you’d rather just buy one, you’ll find the link for that, too. Either way, you have to check out 5 easiest kit airplanes to build from scratch!



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