5 Easiest Simple FM Transmitters to Make at Home

When we are kids, we like playing with lots of things. Many of us liked playing with radios and pretended to broadcast news. Have you always been into electronics? Then you have probably played with FM transmitters or tried making one yourself. You probably think that making an FM transmitter is difficult but in fact, it is very easy. There are so many tutorials you can check out to build this ultimate geek toy you’ve wanted as a child.

I tried to find some easy explanations how to make n FM transmitter and I came across a range of articles offering very simple solutions. One of the best articles I found actually contained instructions on how to build not one but 5 simple FM transmitters and I decided I must share what I found. Short-range transmitters or long-range transmitters, whatever kind of a transmitter it is you want to build, you will find instructions for it in this article. So I suggest that you read 5 Easiest Simple FM Transmitters to Make at Home and choose one for your next fun weekend project.


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